ceia-no3Garret Walk Through Gate

Places like Malls, Parks, Banks, cinemas, Airports, Office Buildings, Fun fairs, Examination halls and stations etc are fully crowded with new people striding in every day, which apparently makes such places unsafe and much security needs are required. Even though metal detectors and other equipment like CCTV Cameras have been used, however locations that are fully packed and where people are flooding in, hand metal detectors consume a lot of time plus in such chaos you might not be able to scan everybody from every angle. Where else in the case of CCTV Cameras, you can never know what one is carrying within them.

Thus to overcome all these issues and let the environs work in much flow and enhance the efficiency of staff members, HE Technology presents to you Garrett Walk through gates. Garrett has been serving metal detectors since 1964 and today it is the most trusted brand!

By installing These Walk through Metal Detectors, you can relax back as with every assurance of ours, your premises will be free from all weapons. This is possible by these Walk Through gates as it detects every section of the individual where metal objects might be hidden.

Today for security purposes and because of different incident and law and order situation, metal detecting gates are required. In fact nowadays Government pressurizes school and other institution to install walk through gate.

HE Technology provides all sorts of walk through metal detectors, be it Six zone walk through gate, Multi zone detection gate, Single zone metal detection walk through gate or Explosive detectors along with warranty and support services.

  • Highly Visible Double Display provides Single or Multiple Location of Weapons in Transit
  • Very High Speed of Detection
  • High Immunity to External Interference
  • Direct Selection of the International Security Standards
  • High Reliability
  • Local or Remote Programming with Networking Capabilities

The HI-PE Multi Zone is a high performance walk-through Metal Detector which exceeds all International Security Standards.

A “height on person” display actually indicates, by means of illuminated LED’s, the position of the weapon on the person. Three operating modes are available: Floating(standard): the location zones are not fixed, as in the case of Metal Detectors with multiple receiver-transmitter coils, but are variable and continuous so as to achieve optimum resolution; 8-Zones and 4-Zones: the alarm threshold can be adjusted individually for each zone. The panels are washable and they are equipped with shock absorbent edges to protect them against damages.

HI-PE Multi Zone can be supplied, on request, with two emergency batteries that automatically come into operation in the event of a mains failure. A photocell transit counter is available as an option. This will allow for statistical data to be accumulated on the persons passing through the detector.

The detector’s control unit is incorporated into the structure. Access to programming is protected both by a mechanical lock and by two alphanumeric passwords.

The HI-PE Multi Zone is manufactured using the most advanced electronics technology,conforming to ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard procedures.

Contact us for High Performance walk through gate in Pakistan. Since HE Technology is the major Importer of Garret Walk Through Metal Gates, thus we offer the best prices in the whole country.