IFace 800/ I face 801

Iface 800

Facial Time Attendance System is a new technology released in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization by letting you manage your employees in a quick and efficient way as it monitors and improves your employees’ performances and also reduces human errors. Facial Time Attendance is a system that lets you record and calculate the hours of work done by your each employee.

HE Technology is the major supplier of Facial Time Attendance System in Pakistan and thus all of their clients are satisfied with their best products and services. Our Facial Time Attendance Systems are not only limited in recording the start and end time of your employees; in fact it can also track the time taken in meals and all other sorts of breaks, the type of works done by each department in your sector along with the quantity of items produced. It has face capacity of 3000 Faces.

Iface 800 is a fast and quick attendance solution as it can do rapid attendance marking of forty employees in a minute! And it has the longest life amongst all the time attendance system as the labor does not require touching the device.

By installing Iface 800 from HE Technology, you will get a free and easy to use software that will let you do Customize Reporting of your organization. Thus avoid proxies by avoiding the use of traditional methods.

Do you worry about power supply cut out or failure? No worries! Our system comes with Battery backup that gives you the advantage to work even without power.

Since we are the main suppliers of these devices, we provide the products and the services with the best guaranteed prices.

Contact HE Technology today to install the reliable products from the leading providers of Facial Attendance System in Pakistan.

Iface 800/801 multi-biometric identification time attendance and access control terminal adopts ZKSoftware’s latest ZEM600 platform with ZK Face 7.0 algorithm and large capacity memory. iFace series integrated 630MHz high speed ZK Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera enables user identification in the dark environment. Face and fingerprint multi-biometric identification method will be applicable more widely. All operations of iFace are designed to be performed on the 4.3 inches TFT touch screen. Multi-model communications includes RS232/485, TCP/IP, optional WiFi or GPRS. Optional built-in 2000 mAh battery eliminates the trouble of power-failure.


  • Identification methods include Face, Fingerprint/RFID and/or Password
  • 2000 Faces
  • Elegant ergonomic design
  • 4.3” TFT touch screen is user-friendly and very intuitive
  • 6 user-defined function keys
  • Contact relays for door access control (wires to door strike or 3rd party panel)
  • Web server management software via IE browser.
  • Optional extendable scheduled-bell
  • Infra-red optical system enables user-identification in poorly lit environments
  • Optional built-in battery backup provides approx 4 hours continuous operation.
  • Optional built-in wireless Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.
  • Built-in contacts for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, or bell.
  • Wiegand Output for connections to 3rd party access control panels.


CPU ZK Multi-Bio  CPU 630 MHz
Memory 256M Flash, 64M SDRAM
Hardware Platform ZEM600 Multi-Medium Development Platform
Fingerprint Sensor ZK Optical Fingerprint Sensor without film
Camera High Resolution Infrared Camera
Display 4.3” TFT touch screen
Face capacity 400 (1:N)
Fingerprint capacity 2000
ID Card capacity 10,000
Logs capacity 100,000
Algorithm Version ZK Face 7.0 & ZK Finger 10.0
2000mAh backup battery Optional
Communication TCP/IP,RS232/485
Wireless Wi-Fi Optional
Time attendance ID Card(302 Optional), Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query,
Standard functions Work Code, T9 input, 9 digit user ID, DLST
Access control interfaces for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button
Wiegand Signal Output
Optional functions serial printer, Mifare card, Extendable Scheduled-bell, Short Massage, Web-server, GPRS
Power supply 12V3A
Verification Speed ≤2 sec
Operating temp 0℃- 45 ℃
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Dimension(W×H×D) 193.6×147.6×101 mm
Gross Weight 1.8 kg

Time Attendance Report Format: Excel or PDF

One of the frequently asked questions by our client is regarding report formats that in which format they can see the attendance reports, so the answer is that Our Time Attendance software generates reports and it can be viewed in every format i.e. Excel and PDF

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