Turnstiles are the best security tool in a crowded location where you want only authorized people to get access in to the premises.
A turnstile, also commonly called a baffle gate or turnstile, is sort of a gate which allows only one individual to pass through it at a time with the insertion of a specified token.
Turnstiles are commonly used in stations, museums, Stadiums, Commercial Buildings and Amusement Parks etc where a coin, ticket or a card is given to the people to pass through it. The biggest advantage of a turnstile is that no individual without these access tokens have any other option to enter the area.
HE Technology has been the first to take initiative in importing Turnstiles in Karachi, Pakistan. It specifically Supplies and installs Three Pod Turnstile that have three Arms which makes it impossible for the entry of more than one individual pass through it as it has to come to its original position before it lets other to access their tokens. This does not only provide a secure method but also it creates an organized environment which lets the security guards have a clear view of each personnel passing through the gate.
And what is more?
These Turnstiles can also give the exact count of individuals entering and exiting through it.
Plus, in the event of power failure the tripod turnstiles have a failsafe design so they turn freely for emergency egress. Turnstiles are widely preferable as they do not require altering the aesthetic of a building due to its installation; in fact lately the designs of turnstiles have become a reason of smart and polished aesthetics.
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