RFID Time Attendance terminal

Time Attendance System as represent by its name, is recording of attendance of employee, staff or student with time.
If we go in detail, Time Attendance system uses in offices and different universities for taking attendance of their staff and students.
There are different time attendance system has been introduced as technology is becoming advanced day by day. First the concept of attendance register has been in used, that a employee enters in office and mark his or her attendance. Then after few years Card Punching machine has introduced, but their are also Proxy issue, as any one can enter or punch his friend card and can prove that he is his best friend.
Employee ends, People are happy but when this come at employer end & making reports of attendance so that system do not portray the true picture.
So the new concept of attendance has been introduced and that is RFID Finger Print Time Attendance System, in this system no one can enter or punch others attendance & the system automatically generate time spent on work, early leaving, over time, holidays & late coming. So just on a click a report is generated.
And now no Proxy issue… you can also check some of the latest attendance system & make your mind to implement in your organization.

Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance System
There are multiple benefits of installing Biometric Time Attendance System at your workplace; some of them have been already discussed.
1. Time Attendance System saves your time & money
It replaces cumbersome time tracking procedures and completely eliminates manual collection of payroll information.
2. Organize Employee Data
Time Attendance Solution helps you in collecting & organizing employee data timely & accurately. Easier Time Tracking with Biometric Time Attendance System
3. Time Attendance system helps you in tracking your employee time easily & efficiently
4. Manages your Employee
RFID & Biometric Attendance solutions help you in managing your Employee.
5. No Proxy
The biggest benefit of Time Attendance System is that it improve the bottom line, and eliminates buddy punching & Proxies.