Indoor Dome Camera

Closed Circuit Television Cameras, also more commonly known as CCTV Cameras have become necessities today for supervision and surveillance purpose; be it in an exam hall or in the bank.

Why have CCTV Cameras become necessity?
CCTV Cameras previously were mainly used to avoid burglary but with time, its purpose has been realized as more than security solution. CCTV Cameras are used to keep check on employees in commercial areas where else they are even used in educational institutes both as security check and also to eliminate any Academic Dishonesty, especially in examination halls.
With time, new features of CCTV Cameras have been evolved and so have its types. CCTV Cameras have been mainly divided into two categories; Indoor Dome Camera and Outdoor Dome Camera.
Indoor CCTV Cameras:
Indoor CCTV Cameras are basically used for surveillance and observation of interior infrastructure. At home, Indoor CCTV Cameras are used more than Outdoors CCTV Cameras, and they are not just for security purpose but also to keep a check on the ongoing activities in the house.
Apart from homes, Indoor Dome Cameras are highly used in Supermarkets to avoid shoplifting. As per a research 32% of the inventory shrinkage is due to shoplifting. Thus Surveillance Solutions does not only let you keep check on your customers but also on your employees.
However it all depends on the quality and reliability of your CCTV Cameras that provides you with high resolution results and works for a long term. HE Technology is widely known for their supply and installation of CCTV Cameras as they are the distributor of Korean Brand Miracle On. But what is more? HE Technology is Sole Distributor of this brand in the country which means utmost guaranty of the products with the best range of price.
Miracle On CCTV Indoor Cameras provide High Quality images and recordings with the feature that lets you supervise your area through your Smart phones from anywhere and at anytime. The cameras come in various types and features like with AHD Display Output and Day/Night Vision ability.