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In this rapid changing world, security and safety measures have amplified. Insecurity has been increased due to the increasing theft and frauds, where else uncertainty have taken place because of the human replacement by technology and growing use of chemicals which might cause hazardous accidents. With such rising events, security and safety measure have also been taken more and more seriously.

Nowadays securing a minute area like just a room with valuables is not enough, instead your campus should be under surveillance from the entrance only. To acquire security and safety equipment’s in a large spectrum for a large area, HE Technology is the right choice!

HE Technology also known as Hussaina Enterprise is one of the Pakistan’s most reputed company for Fire Safety, Time Attendance and Intrusion Security solutions. Our Team consists of dedicated, qualified professionals Engineers and Technical Experts who with their knowledge and experience serve our clients rightly. HE Technology provides different ranges of Security products that are suitable according to your residential, retail and commercial area.

HE Technology was found by Hussain Multanwala in 2004 and since then it has become a trusted name for providing quality products, services and after sales services. Today, we have served a large number of customers with utmost satisfaction. Our head office resides in Karachi and we have expanded our business in Lahore and Quetta as well.

Vision and Mission

Since beginning Our Vision is to provide comprehensive products to give maximum protection from fire hazard, intruders and mishandled chaos, and to stay ground on our vision we have kept the mission to provide quality products and services in a cost effective manner.


Over the years we have had many satisfied clients. Check what one of our most valuable customers has to say about HE Technology:

Mr Masood; one of the administrators in SafeMax was looking for Security Solutions, like Fire Alarm Systems and Finger Print Attendance System. He says that he wanted to contact someone who was ‘the best’, had good portfolio of clients and provided after sale services. Hence he Googled his requirements and found there HE Technology. After scanning through our clientele, he made a call to us.

Presently, he states that ‘Now HE Technology have fully and successfully installed Fire Alarm Systems and Time Attendance and Access Control Systems. I am happy to say that we are extremely satisfied with their products and services. I recommend HE Technology as THE BEST Security Solution Providers because they have a complete range of solutions that can meet your security needs. Stay Secure with HE Technology!

Along with Mr. Masood, we have served a range of companies, like Meezan Bank, Nixor A’ levels College, Coca Cola, EBCO Super Market in The Forum Mall, Media Idee, Fakhri Trade Centre and many many more.

Just like our Logo represents; we provide all sorts of technology to keep an eye for your security!

“Stay Secure with HE Technology”

Core Values

However, neither would have our vision or mission would have been accomplished if we had not followed our Values. Since beginning only, HE Technology strongly follows these four Values:

  1. 1. Safety:

    With Customers’ Safety our priority, we make sure that our employees face no consequences in our work environment.

  2. 2. Customer’s Service:

    We believe that our job is not done until and unless our clients are satisfied. And thus we count this value as our duty!

  3. 3. Ethical Standards:

    We have set a benchmark of ethics and our services are completely professional.

  4. 4. Unity and Integrity:

    Each and every member of HE Technology has equal importance and every ideas are welcomed and thus our unity is one of the example!



HE Technology has a huge range of products to suit your requirements:

Door Lock Controller System

To avoid any loss due to burglary; HE Technology provides superb security solutions. The first step of entrance itself becomes impossible for the intruder to achieve, as we provide complete Door Lock Controller System. Our Door Lock Controller Systems have varieties like Door Lock Control Panel, Fingerprint Standalone Door Lock Control Terminal, Fingerprint Wiegand Reader, Palm Access Control System, Multi Biometrics and Face Access Control Terminal, RFID Access Control terminal and RFID Wiegand Reader.

These Controllers restrict entry of strangers into the premises and protect the physical data, plus these unique systems give an added advantage that no one else can unlock the door with any tools other than what it requires!

CCTV Cameras

Need to keep employees under surveillance or record activities after hours?

Our security cameras are a great way to provide security for your home and workplace. As well as providing you with video footage, they can also act as visible proof to criminal activities. What is modern about our cameras is that they can be connected to your TV, Smart phone or computer. This allows to you access and watch your premises from anywhere and anytime. They also come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you can opt to either disguise them between fixtures or display them in full view. We believe that flexibility is essential when it comes to protect you and what matters to you.

Time Attendance System

Do you have a hard time calculating work hours of your employees at the end of the month? Does it greatly decrease your efficiency?

Do not fret about it anymore, because we have got just the right thing for you. HE Technology introduces to you the Electronic Time Attendance System. It can let in as many as 40 people in a minute plus calculates work hours automatically, and has an emergency battery backup along. And since we recognize that every organization is different, thus you have a wide variety of HE Technology systems to choose from; like Facial Technology, Bio-metric, Finger Print, RFID and Palm Identification Attendance System. Also since HE technology is a major importer in Pakistan, we can offer you the best prices along with the guarantee of our products.


In an organization, you cannot have anyone randomly walking in to your grounds. To avoid such situation, it is time to install turnstiles in to your workplace. This mechanical gate consists of three horizontal arms which only allow authorized personnel to pass through by any sort of token like a coin or card. That too with an organized manner as only one by one passing is allowed. Plus it cannot be bribed, so an extra bonus! Nowadays, they are already used in a wide variety of setting, proving to their success. Since patrons enter in a single file, your security personnel will have clear view of each person for security checking measures. Turnstiles are widely used in including stadiums, amusement parks, mass transit stations, office lobbies, airports, and train Station etc.

Walk through Metal Detecting Gates

Walk through Metal Detecting Gates are very popular and effective too as an extra security measure. Since the entire person undergoes scanning, no object can escape detection. And advanced detectors, like the Garrett multi-zone detectors help pinpoint exactly where the hidden object is. This is especially recommended for a huge crowded area as it helps security personnel to respond swiftly. HE technology gives you a number of options when choosing one best suited for your use. Since we already have a very large clientele, we are major importers of the product and thus you can be care free of any mishaps. Let us help you make your working environment secure and tension free.

Metal Detectors

Are you afraid that someone might bring sharp metal hazardous object, like a knife or worst, a gun in your premises?

Then HE Technology presents to you the most reliable metal detectors. HE Technology are the suppliers of Garret Metal Detectors which are renowned for its reliability all over the world. They are up till now the most effective screener. Be it Airports, Malls, School or a huge event; Garret Metal Detectors are an assurance that no disruption would be on it way.

Fire Alarm System

We do not just aim secure lives but safe lives. HE Technology provides complete Fire Alarm Systems which can save many lives even before the fire spreads over a large scale. We supply and install Fire Alarm and Extinguishing system, Smoke and Heat Detectors, Fire Alarm Panel, Alarm Bell, Manual Call Point and Electric sounder and beacon. Our Detectors are sensitive and thus easily detect any kind of fluctuation in the temperature of the environment and with our Alarm Bells, you are warned at your earliest to evacuate your area as soon as possible to avoid any damage.

Parking Barrier System

HE Technology has a range of Parking Barrier System which is a perfect solution to traffic management problems. These barrier systems are ideal method to avoid any chaos and provide traffic in flow. These barriers also have access system which can only allow authorized candidates. We can specify a high quality range of car park barrier systems according to your requirements. We provide this solution for all private and public sectors, like Malls, Universities, Parks and Commercial Areas.

Under Vehicle Scanning Solution

In this age, it has become very easy to smuggle in objects. And checking the backseat of a car is not enough. Thus by introducing under vehicle scanning system to your organization, you can be sure of every vehicle that passes in to your area. The visual information captured will provide a high quality composite image for detection of harmful objects that may be attached to the underbelly of the vehicle. The static system is a permanent deployment and is installed on or below the road surface, making it almost invisible for the intruders to detect. This technology considerably decreases safety issues and enhances efficiency of your security staff.


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We are a team of dedicated and qualified Professionals, Engineers and Technical Experts with extensive experience in the building security and controls ranging from Fire, Gas, and Security Management.


We believe the key component to success lies in the development and the quality of our products and excellent customer service. We are focused on your needs, on providing the industries great products and on innovations.


We provide a range of standard service and maintenance agreements, and can tailor agreements around your particular circumstances and of course your budget. No matter where you are, you will receive service you can count on.


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